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“Approximating Familiars”, illustrated by Fernanda Suarez for Paizo Publishing.

Anansi Trickster

Here's five trickster gods and heroes drawn from world mythology, from Ghana to the Basque region. What lessons does the Trickster have for us?

Another great piece by Eric Belisle.

I love the large stitching and how everything is mismatched on her armor. I also love how much stuff is hanging off her belt.////Kind of the armor style I was thinking of - Torsten would have hodge-podge armor.

Jahai - Mali Outpost by ElectroNugget

A piece I did for a self-study project at The Animation Workshop. Part of a world building exercise, in this case developing a fantasy universe built ar.

Women in Game Art - Polycount Forum

winnerstaysloserpays: “yunicomicspace: “earthbendercharlie: “Kinu Nishimura is one of my favorite character artists and is responsible for the best artwork in the Street Fighter franchise in my.

Sadie Ironcrest, Warden of Bloodwood Forest

Sadie Ironcrest, Warden of Bloodwood Forest

Lioness by AM-Markussen.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

heroineimages: “ Lioness, by Anne Marte Markussen Another area of discussion I keep meaning to place more focus on (I really need to stop finding these areas) is the functionality of ceremonial armor. Armor designed for formal or ceremonial occasions.