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lovely, and also practical, ceramic work - could make similar using a coiled pot as opposed to needing a form or mould :) . . .

Bird | I don't want to confuse all things, my life is beautiful, hard to build it again but I'm in the place I worked hard

A pottery works with its forest of bottle kilns bordering a railway line in Stoke-on-Trent. Bottle kilns have a relatively short working life of about 30 years, so were constantly rebuilt. Due to recent changes in the industry, few of these distinctive monuments survive in the area.

from Jane Sarre Ceramics

Inspirational ceramics, pt 2

As part of an exercise for my business mentor I have been reviewing work that inspired me - and made me wish I had made it. Here are some more that got shortlisted. Sam Hall Hall works with a very limited range of forms, but each work remains fascinating because of the visual richness of his scuffed, layered & timeworn surfaces. As a lover of decayed urban surfaces these work for me in much the same way. Jane Perryman Perryman's vessels have their roots in traditional forms but are…