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Jamie's American Fluffy Pancakes

Zoella | Pancakes 3 Ways

How to Plan the Perfect Eurail or Interrail Trip Around Europe 00

How to Plan the Perfect Eurail or Interrail Trip Around Europe

The worst feeling in the world is knowing you've been used and lied to.

This is the most difficult thing I've ever dealt with !. Because this heartbreak still lays under the surface I find life so much more difficult to deal with.

You gained attention but lost respect - true. Just look like a big gossiper telling everyone your business. but loving it at the same time cause I look better by not being that person who has to revert to that.

Watching.. Still know all the words to this theme tune and sing it like she did!

12 Tips for Staying Vegan in 2017

Of all the people I know who’ve gone vegan, I’ve noticed that there is always a powerful, soul arising urge to embrace a more conscious lifestyle. Sometimes it's for health reasons, sometimes it's because we feel compassion for sentient life, sometimes it's because we love the planet and often, a combination of all of those.

In amongst the fun stuff, an opportunity to get some cute love shots like this

Blog for Mental Health 2014- A Continuing Journey

You haven't been through what we seen, so don't even think about saying anything again. ❤️