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bathroom photo wallpaper / wall mural #mural #wallpaper #photowallpaper | Art Decorators

from Jewelry Sale

the hat of hats - wild west media-cache-ec0.p

Chapeau Rétro-futuriste


You'll Never Forgive Your Teachers For Not Showing You These 11 Math Hacks

Math Hacks (A slightly different way to convert C to F: double it, subtract the first digit, then add 32. Eg, 22C .. X2 = 44 .. Subtract the first digit (4) 44-4=40. Now add 32. 40+32=72.)

This is brilliant. Makes me question how badly I want things and if I'm really happy

Widebody Corvette Stingray

from Urban Outfitters

UNIF Denim Colorblocked Jacket

UNIF Denim Colorblocked Jacket - Urban Outfitters

Til your unsolvable murder do us part Cross Stitch Pattern

10 Things You Must See When In Rome!

from Refinery29

10 things you don't know about David Bowie

David Bowie, School c. 1953-1963.