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I don't remember giving finals to my middle school students.  End of unit tests, yes.  Finals, no.

Good luck to everyone who has finals/tests this.

Are you ready for the most dreadful week of the semester, collegiettes?

Motivation to Help You Survive Finals Week

You have just one more hurdle to jump: finals.

Teacher Humor

Teacher Humor

Ariel squats!

Waiting on a squat booty like.

37 Hilarious Teacher

37 Hilarious Teacher

Wow seriously.

Wow seriously.

Gym girls be like

When you trying to eat clean but all you can think bout is dat donut - Diet and…

DId we do anything while I was absent? No, we stopped learning to mourn you absence. Via

Memes about student attendance

Teacher eCard - I was absent from class yesterday...

Best Funny Quotes : I was absent from your class yesterday.

I'll probably say this if any of my students ask this question haha

Teacher ecards

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: Did you miss anything important yesterday? No, I noticed you were absent, so I assigned the class coloring sheets instead.

18 Things to Consider When Decorating Your Secondary Classroom

Created for Learning: 18 Things to Consider When Decorating Your Secondary Classroom

'I am so glad I can go home at 3:30 to relax'..... Said no teacher ever!

Supply teachers can ;

For my teacher friends XD

Very funny! Not saying I think this is true but.

When you’re trying to pep-talk the petty out of you.