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Large carved light green jade ceremonial sword, the curved blade with a low relief stylized dragon on one side with Chinese inscriptions on the other side, the hilt with a dragon head with wide open mouth at the end of the handle. Very good condition. Traces of brown encrustation. 1300 AD 24" x 3 1/2"

Asian Bronze Sword with an open mouthed dragon head on the handle, with traces of gold gilding. 400-200 BC

Solid bronze ancient Asian sword, the bottom of the handle is made of jade with a decorative pattern. Encrusted with earthen deposits. 400 - 200 BC 15"

Ancient Asian Sword : Bronze sword with the handle shaped as a standing figure with button-hole eyes, on side the body of a male with his hands to his sides, the other side a female with her arms across her chest. 400 - 200 BC

Ancient Asian bronze sword with decorative designs including Chinese inscriptions, stylized human figures and faces and various other geometric patterns. 400-200 BC

Ancient Asian Dagger : Bronze dagger with a decorated blade with raised linear designs and a head of a dragon on both sides of the hilt. 400 - 200 BC

A Migration Period Gold Mounted Sword, the Handle Studded with Garnets and Red Glass 5th-6th Century C.E. From ancient Colchis (Georgia). Swords with stone-decorated handguards were always an attribute of the leading warriors and served exclusively as representation of status or as a rank badge.

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