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The Goddess Demeter, the Earth goddess (associated with the harvest and frequently portrayed carrying wheat). She’s also the mother of Persephone (goddess of Spring).

Demeter. Coarse-grained marble, Roman artwork; the head is a modern restoration. National Museum of Rome - Palazzo Altemps

Important hellenistic marble relief of the goddess Demeter. 4th century B. C. 21,25 in. high - 20,66 in. long.

Underworld goddess (thea), whose name is not uttered.(Greek Mythology) Relief dedicated by the priest Lakrateides and his family to the Eleusinian deities. c.100-90 BC. [Archaeological Museum of Eleusis].

A ROMAN MARBLE FIGURE OF FORTUNA, CIRCA 1ST CENTURY A.D. standing with the weight on her right leg and holding a cornucopia cradled in her left arm, and wearing a chiton with overfold, and himation falling from her left shoulder across the back, extending over the lower part of her body, and draped over her left forearm; the extremities once restored in marble.

Greek Mythology - Persephone ate six pomegranate seeds while in the underworld, and was obliged to return there for six months out of every year.