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One of Two Boys Fighting Over a Game of Knucklebones 1st century CE Roman copy of 2nd century BCE original from Rome (2)

Moschion - 2nd century AD copy of a Greek original of the 4th century BC - Inscription: MOΣΧΙΩΝ - Naples Archaeological Museum

Head of Mars Roman God of War probably a copy of statue of Ares by 4th century Greek sculptor Leochares Marble 2nd century CE

Ganymede feeding the eagle. Marble. Roman copy of late 1st cent. B.C. after a Greek original. Saint-Petersburg, The State Hermitage Museum.

Lely’s Venus, showing Aphrodite surprised as she bathes. Roman copy of the Imperial era after the Greek Hellenistic original, marble, 2nd century AD.

Marine Life Mosaic from House VIII Pompeii demonstrating the vermiculatum technique Roman 2nd century BCE (6) by mharrsch, via Flickr

APHRODITE leaning against a pillar. Marble, Roman copy of the 1st–2nd centuries AD after a Greek original of the late 5th century. Louvre Museum <3

Roman fresco depicting Diana the huntress recovered from Vesuvian Ash in Stabiae 1st century BCE-1st century CE