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A set of three CGI images showing the effects of deforestation, revealing a coffee bean below. Everything except from the machinery was rendered in 3D.

reporters-without-borders-crushed-small-73445.jpg (600×864)

3 manières de détourner les sacs en plastique à usage unique-.Sacs désormais interdits en France depuis le 1er juillet 2016, mais que l'on trouve encore dans certains commerces.

This inflatable is far beyond a DIY project for you and me, but it's impressive and makes a bold statement. WWF used it in China to demonstrate the emissions and pollution coming from one car in a single day.

Amy - This poster design is a great example of visual metaphor that reminds me of global-warming. A graphical drawing, of polar bears standing anxiously on top of unsafe separated ice pieces, is hanging on top of a warm light lamp. It makes me think that forgetting to turn off a lamp can cause such a big disaster. I find this advertisement very effective in warning people to save power and electricity.