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Here's how to sound off on Obama's newest anti-gun plan - Tea Party News

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Being in the spa industry I saw this and thought that it was interesting..... I dont think that I would get it done though.... I dont like snails, at least not when they are on me! :)

Scientists to drop research drones into hurricanes

MIAMI (AP) -- The point where the roiling ocean meets the fury of a hurricane's winds may hold the key to improving storm intensity forecasts — but it's nearly impossible for scientists to see.

Although slashing nutritional assistance might yield short-term budgetary savings, doctors warn that will come at the expense of higher health care costs in the future.

Antiabortionists prey on minority women

Antiabortionists prey on minority women A new missionary campaign paints blacks & Latinos as the victims of feminists & corrupt healthcare providers. Last December, Care Net--the nation’s largest network of evangelical Christian crisis pregnancy centers--featured a birth announcement of sorts on the website of its ten year old Urban Initiative. Under the headline, “Plans Underway for Care Net’s Newest Center in Kansas City, Mo.!!

'It put me on antidepressants': welcome to GOMI, the cruel site for female snark

‘When these things happen in the moment they’re so shocking, and they feel scary, dramatic and real’.

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Help us in our fight to obtain moral alternatives to aborted fetal vaccines! Introducing our new video with Children of God for Life's Debi Vinnedge -Introducing our new video with Children of God for Life’s Debi Vinnedge – exposing the truth about vaccines, medicines and other consumer products using aborted fetal material.