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Susho, King Silk Art 100% Handmade Silk Embroidery - Chestnut Horse Gait - Black Mat Framed Medium Size 34058BF... $49.98 (save $90.00)

Beautiful #handmade silk embroidery art #Etsy 36063 Pink Magnolia Tree $49.98 13"x13" Framed In Feng Shui, magnolias are symbolic of purity, nobility and strength of character. Magnolias are known as Mulan in Mandarin, a popular name in China. Magnolias are added to other symbols for emphasis, a figurative exclamation point. Pink magnolias are also known for symbolizing youth, innocence and joy.

King Silk Art 100% Handmade Embroidery - Horse-drawn Sleigh - Chinese Framed Silk Painting, Asian Décor, Unique Gifts - 37028

Beautiful #handmade silk embroidery art #Etsy 37028 Horse-drawn Sleigh $39.98 13"x13" Framed Snowscapes are a popular art subject in China, due to the associated symbolism of snow. Symbolically, pure white snow represents the enlightenment that comes from solitude. In Feng Shui, the purity of snow inspires the elevation of one’s character, attracts the best of human nature.

Hand Embroidery Hoop Art . 4 x 4 Inch. Pretty In Pink. Sweet Blossom Tree. Ready For Display by mirrymirry

Blue and White Grape Hyacinths by Kirsten's Fabric Art, via Flickr. Loopy french knots, glass beads, couching, embroidery. Kirsten Chursinoff