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Happy Maxie! By DMK "Max" on September 11, 2015 "Love the smell and how it works. I didn't even fill up the whole ear canal and my dachshund has stopped rubbing his ears all over the carpet. I think it worked after two times. It was hard getting Max to sit still and not shake it out right away, but I think he knew after the first day, that it will benefit him. Great product!"

Lindy wrote: "This is my girl, Maddie Moo. She's 12 yrs old and had ear problems all her life. With Vet Organics' Eco Ears, they are now clean! I use a little on a cotton ball once a week to maintain them. And, this stuff smells great! Thank you for such a great product!" Aw...we love Maddie Moo and her teddy, too!

From a happy Fur Mom <3 : "Mindy's groomer was in shock at how great her ears looked after using Eco Ear drops. Even multiple trips to the vet and prescription drops paled in comparison and it kept coming back. Now her ears have stayed clean. This Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and her mom thank you! Great product!"

Shelley, Cyril's Pet-Parent, tells us, "Cyril the Otterhound has had stinky, gunky ears since he was a puppy. I have tried the homemade mixture recommended by other Otterhound owners and have tried zymox and had prescriptions from the vet. None of those things worked for any length of time. I'm thrilled with EcoEars and how it has kept his huge ears clean and not stinky. I highly recommend this product and so does my Big Boy, Cyril."