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Tomas, another Yorkie that enjoys clean ears with EcoEars. Find it here:


Cocker Spaniel Inglês - Liiiiiiiiiindoooooooo!!!!!!!!!


Husky ~ Martin about EcoEars for his Husky: "I was a bit skeptic about purchasing this when my Husky got an ear infection a few weeks ago but now I'm a true believer! This stuff cured the infection in a week by applying it every other day (although the directions say to apply daily) and it did not make her suffer at all. She would just lay down and take it like a champ (almost felt as if she were enjoying it). Save yourself an expensive trip to the vet and get this stuff!"

Cornish Rex breed info,Pictures,Characteristics,Hypoallergenic:Yes


Cecelia the Miniature Poodle Pictures 1035373


EcoEars Dog Ear Infection Treatment - Natural Dog Ear Remedy

Treat your dog's ear infection with EcoEars to eliminate symptoms & cause. Treats smell, itch, and dirty discharge. Natural ear infection remedy.