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今日、OncoImmunologyという雑誌に、われわれのグループと熊本大学の福島聡先生たちを中心とするグループの共同研究の成果が公表された。http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/2162402X.2016.1204507. 論文のタイトルは、「Intratumoral expression levels of PD-L1, GZMA, and HLA-A along with oligoclonal T cell expansion associate with response to nivolumab in metastatic mela…
Cloud shaped couch that floats in mid-air with magnetic force
So each prosthetic limb that they design should be different, too, and fit individual needs.
Human Microbiome infograph - Microbes can be good! So many are essential for our body to function properly and in order to have good health. We would not exist without them.
Admire the world beneath your boat with this superb transparent kayak...
Could this be the future for folding bikes? #Cycling #Biking #Design #Innovation
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What is epigenetics? The science of how our inherited (nature) genes can be altered through lifestyle (nurture) -- including nutrition, exercise, stress, and environment.
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