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how is skywriting done - Google Search

how is skywriting done - Google Search

Top 8 Funniest Prote

Top 8 Funniest Prote

Just remember this, cats are ninjas

So cute. I thought of Johnny Cat. :)<< the last one I thought of France cat

When I try to be scary.

I was expecting it to do something scary and then and then .aaaaa I was starting to get scared and then….Oh you guys. Just watch it. i was getting sooooooo scared:L:L Oh my Goddess I was so terrified for a minute and then BOOM.

i feel like if cats could speak they would sound like sassy gay men <- that would be hilarious

Are Probably The Most Dramatic Animals In The World, Except Women., what about female cats

Short, Clean Jokes.

Funny pictures about The Best Short Jokes. Oh, and cool pics about The Best Short Jokes. Also, The Best Short Jokes photos.


What kind of English teacher can hate Les Mis? Victor Hugo is like an English teachers/lovers idol, with Les Mis at the top of the list. This really angers me. It's time for an intellectual debate.