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My parents don't know that I'm panromantic yet,,,,, I'm so scared to tell them, that I'll probably wait another year or two... Maybe until I'm in high school...

I hate all this!! I hate being sad all the time & you having to see it! :-( I feel like I am just no fun to be around anymore. I don't want to ruin your happiness..can't say I blame U for not wanting to be around me. I am sorry!!***

Can someone explain to me how you can be half of an American??? I'm totally stumped here. I thought "American" couldn't be a nationality! Please explain if you know the answer.

Thank you My Chemical Romance for helping me to believe in myself. For making me not care if someone calls me something insulting and to just laugh at it because they probably think that they're a fail and the only way for them to not think that is to make someone else feel bad about themselves! ❤

I'm here. For all of you. And I could not believe this. So many people.....if anyone is contemplating suicide, please don't. You may not realize how many people do love you, and love does get rid of all types of evil. LOVE. And among those who DO love you, I do too. Stay strong, everyone.