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Didn't get the job? 7 Surprising Interview Mistakes You May Have Made

7 Surprisingly Common Interview Mistakes. Do any of these apply to you? #career #life

How to Create Digital Freebies for Your Blog Readers

65 Christian blog post ideas to get your words flowing, plus free printable download with 5 Bonus "Just for Fun" ideas!

Career Guidance - The 10-Minute Rule: It Seems Crazy, But it Will Revolutionize Your Productivity --- Do you need to research a new topic? Start with 10 minutes on Google scanning news articles, followed by 10 minutes of jotting down everything you know and the top few questions you still need to answer, and then 10 minutes each calling people to get advice on answering your open questions (bonus points if you were savvy enough to notice that the phone call is a form of delegation!).

How to Work from Home & Keep Your Sanity

Having your own workspace helps keep your work organized, and it will make it easier for you to distinguish work life from home life.

11 Simple Tips For Moms To Destress In 11 Minutes Or Less

Sometimes I think I am going to lose it. And, then I do. So I started practicing these tips for moms to destress immediately and effectively. They have calmed me into a stress free mama I wanna be to show up for my kids! I love the BONUS tip too - KISSING! Honestly, it's my favorite.

Why Your Husband's Ex Might Hate You

Here is a list of the most common reasons your husband's ex might not think too fondly of you....

Arnold Spirit Jr was looking for opportunity outside of his indian reservation because no one there ever became anything special.

A stupid lie I believed when I quit my last job. (And why you shouldn't believe it.) - Jon Acuff