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You Have to Play Valentine's Day Bingo: Get the cards and bingo hearts ready.

Free Valentine's Day Printables

Conversation Heart Bingo- make cards from words on conversation hearts. Give kids their own boards & a bag of all the hearts they need. They pick one heart at a time & place it on the correct board square until they get 5 in a row.

How Does Injustice Affect You? SEE

we as Africans have no friends. respect your African brotha and sista. I'm not African American but this pisses me the hell out.this better not be happening right know?

I love you

So true.You can be wrong a lot of the time,and we can fight and get mad on each other but nothing in this world can chance the fact that I love you❤ I need you.I trust you.I admire you.and I miss you like grazy❤Xxx

I miss you Frank Hensley!!! 10/16/17

I miss you Frank Hensley!!! 10/16/17


Beach quote: I want my toes in the sand & a cocktail in my hand.

February Bulletin Board..would be neat to spell "peace" or spelling out with students' bodies

"fingers sign collage, perfect idea for wall art." Cute idea, but this really annoys me. It ought to be the correct sign language signs for the letters, IMO.