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4 Cuts That Make Thin Hair Look Surprisingly Full

By Faith Xue We’ve already discussed the secret reason your thin hair isn’t holding curl. You see, naturally thin hair needs to be shaped and snipped to encourage bouncier, more Gisele-like volume—without the right technique, no amount of styling, curling, or pulling will give it the fuller look you want (and Pin excessively). To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a little guide on the four best cuts that magically add volume to thin hair. Keep scrolling for four volume-boosting…

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Naturally CURLY Hair Tips

awesome Naturally CURLY Hair Tips | @justcurlyqutee on Instagram... by

I get immediately judged by my long hair (I'm a guy). If they were to ask me why I have long hair, they would learn that I donate it to those who are fighting cancer. Don't judge someone's appearance.

I love this site! I used it faithfully when learning how to cornrow my daughter's hair. It shows step by step (literally) how to do a basic cornrow. There is even an animation at the bottom of the page showing the motion of braiding the hair. A must pin if you want to learn how to cornrow!

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Top 10 Most Popular Hair Tutorials for Spring 2014

love this cut #hair #beauty maybe someday I will be brave enough to part with my long hair

When we complained that our cheerleader girlfriends spent too much time at games and cheer practice and not enough on us, they pooled their money and got a spell to teach us a lesson. Now they're PO'd that we're getting all the cute guys.