Grace Kelly, who became the Princess of Monaco.

The beautiful Grace Kelly! This Princess has been a fashion icon for many women through the years! I hope some of these beautiful old style come back because they were absolutely gorgeous!

Picture of Elegance Blog: Grace Kelly at Home.   While attending the Cannes film festival, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III met while Kelly was touring the palace in May of 1955. This is where their love story began, and in January of 1956 they were engaged, and married in April of the same year.

Net Image: Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco: Photo ID: . Picture of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco - Latest Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco Photo.

Princess Grace Kelly and First Lady Jackie Kennedy - @classiquecom

Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco with former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. Love Grace Kelly of Monaco and Jacqueline picture.

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Brigitte Bardot does the cha-cha in Will You Dance With Me?, Love the skirt of this dress!

Грейс Келли - икона стиля

To Catch A Thief, with Grace Kelly wearing Edith Head. She was one of the most beautiful women in the world, bar none. I think I had this dress in my Grace Kelly paperdoll collection.