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You can start with sugar, but sometimes you gotta step it up. Oh, this makes me laugh. "Excuse me, sir, you see me, doin' my job, don' inerrrupt. RUDE."

Mary Poppins. The Look that all good teachers/caregivers use and all children fear.

I could make little cakes that looked like this… they would be solo cute for everyone to get their own little cake hat lol.

Great read on a Mary Poppins style! Love the dress... though it could be a tad longer for my legs. LOL and a smaller stripe sweater. :)

Disney NA - Mary Poppins: "To the park? Not if I know Mary Poppins. Other nannies take children to the park. When you're with Mary Poppins, suddenly you're in places you've never dreamed of. And quick as you can say 'Bob's your uncle,' the most unusual things begin to happen." "I'm sure I haven't the faintest idea what you're talking about."

Not necessarily true about men as a group, a bit of a stretch of the truth. But this is the movie and the song that started me as an activist even if I was only three.

Dick Van Dyke, Ladies And Gentlemen…

Mary Poppins

Read carefully. Bet you weren't expecting that haha.