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Beard - Neatened, combed and Oiled.

Beard - Neatened, combed and Oiled.

Top 23 Beard Styles for Men in 2017 - Beard Bro

It seems beards are trending in 2016 and into the future. Luckily we have the list of the top 23 styles for this year and into Find your look now.

7 Beard Shaping Tips to Optimize Your Beard Style From Beardoholic.com

7 Beard Shaping Tips to Optimize Your Beard

7 Beard Shaping Tips to Optimize Your Beard - Beardoholic

awesome 5 Easy Steps To Achieve The Perfect Beard Neckline

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Image 5 here is a range of different styles that are often seen on the male whether they are real or fake beards. This is good because it shows you the different shapes and names which then allows you to look further into the different facial hair shapes to get a more realistic look.

54 Facial Hair Styles - A new collection of all the beard styles known to man. Right now I have what is called an Edwardian, post Victorian.

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A healthy appreciation for the Bearded Community and it's majestic beards. G-rated for all audiences. Edited photos from around cyber-space.

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Importance of Perfect Beard Styling

My husband loves to freak me out with partly shaved, moustache and side burns (70s drug dealer) looks. When he grows out his hair and then shaves it all it's like getting a new husband!

Wait, I just read this and I assumed 'me' was a guy and they were gay. How did this happen?