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Global Champagne'Day 2013

Global Champagne'Day 2013

οταν όλα πανε στραβα ... μην ξεχνάτε οτι υπάρχουν και χειρότερα :Ρ

When you think you have bad luck, think again. It can always get worse

Cover photo: Bodgit and Scarper Go Fishing calendar which is on sale for £9.99

Funny calender shows Jack Russells getting into scrapes while FISHING

Bodgit and Scarper get tangled up in nets and hang off a speedboat as they try and get hold of a fish in a hilarious new 2013 calendar.

It's funny cause it's TRUE just add one more kid

Baby Sleep Positions: “Donkey Kong”

Donkey Kong: For those who already have children, some or these entire funny baby sleeping positions may apply, but for everyone else, here's some geeky insight on what to expect. Let's just say that the "Donkey Kong" is probably the rarest of them all.

Raising a squirrel. I rescued nine once that fell from a nest. They were so cute!

Funny pictures about Rescuing a baby squirrel. Oh, and cool pics about Rescuing a baby squirrel. Also, Rescuing a baby squirrel.