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This is going in my house. "When you wake up in the morning you have two choices. go back to sleep and dream your dreams, or wake up & chase those dreams.

These 7 fridge hacks from the experts are THE BEST! I'm so happy I found these AMAZING TIPS! Now I'll have less messes to clean! Definitely pinning for later!

7 Fridge Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

lazy river in your backyard | Backyard H2O by Ocean Innovations - WAVE TECHNOLOGY AT IT'S CREST ... I've been asking my dad to build one at his house for years..

aquarium in the indoor pool. If the aquarium shatters, you're gonna end up with fish in the pool. Then the fish will die from the pool chemicals.

I'm pinning this in "My Life", but a expect I should probably put it in "Dream Big".  The chances of me actually getting my house clean and keeping it that way are pretty thin.  Prior poster said:  this is an easy one to follow and would definitely keep the house clean Cleaning schedule

How To Always Have a Clean House. I do this daily, also making beds in the morning and leaving everything tidy and in its place really keeps the house clean.

My spouse and I always planned to have a slide next to the staircase when we finally build our dream house.  Doesn't this just look awesome?  We plan for the slide to be big enough to accommodate adults, too! (AND I AGREE! I have always said it would be great to have a slide beside a set of stairs! NOW if they can come up with a faster/easier way to get BACK UP it would be nice too!

Save on heating costs: De-draft your home now

I wouldn’t call myself a super lazy person. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have days where I do nothing, and my procrastination habit is bad, but I generally like to be doing things. But I’ll freely admit this: one thing I’m really incredibly lazy about is cleaning, especially cleaning my room. I am … Read More

18 Easy Ways To Keep Your Bedroom Clean Even Lazy Girls Will Appreciate

10 Questions to Help You Declutter your home. Somehow the new, bigger house seems more cluttered than the old house. Which shouldn't be possible. I need to ask myself these questions, I hang on to too much stuff

Just wow...

Need some space for your book collection? Check out this awesome home office space for your work and books ;

A pool mimicking a beach? Yes! File under the "when we win the lottery house"...

I think a beach themed pool would be a must. Would have to have real sand aswell.