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Oakley Sunglasses Turbine, Mens, Turbine, Matte Black/Warm Grey

[YA BOI TROYE] "Hi there! My name's Troye. I like singing, writing music, making YouTube videos, and Nutella." I laugh a little, "aaaaaanyyyyywaaaaay, what's your name?" [CONNIE FRANNIE] "My names Connor, you look nice today!"

Combine milk, washing-up liquid and food colouring for this amazing effect... Add a layer of milk, then add drops of food colouring in different spots around the centre. Add one drop of washing-up liquid into the centre of the mixture OR (as in this video) prod the centre with a cotton bud with washing-up liquid on the end. [From @GE via @SarahBearchell] The science behind it is explained here:

The final element to ‘a dictionary story’ was the typographic illustrations. Here I used the definitions to illustrate what was happening in the narrative. This project hopefully goes some way to explaining some of my thoughts around language and design.