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Help Me. - //an

This is so powerful because she looks so horrified of what she's done to herself and I constantly feel the same way.

This one is just bloody terrifying full stop. Monsters hiding in closets or under the bed are a thing of nightmares for most kids. A skeletal type monster with crazy hair would definitely terrify me as child.

I have this on my classroom wall as our class promises, instead of class rules. Sets "understanding of expectations" from day one and instantly sets the tone for the year. Powerful words for parents to read on open house night too.... LOVE THIS!

I shall live here in my next life. With tiny wings I shall take flight when shines the moon on summer nights. Dance will I on tops of trees across the woods on the sun warmed breeze. Though ever careful need I be that no one ever catches me ! :-) D.K. 7/27/13

am thinking of incorporating this into our upstairs dormer windows..have three, want each panel to flow into the next to give an impression from the outside of one large window...