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clothes of the future

clothes of the future

Dystopian futuristic hooded suit in red

No this is a cosplay of Kasumi from Mass Effect. --> Aaahhh this is not future fashion this is its um its an assasins creed cosplay mmhm ConfUSed

Cyborg or android foot design. Can this be translated for bigger mech designs without looking too tacky?

Check out RoboCop 2014 concept art by Vitaly Bulgarov ! The task of redesigning and iconic character like RoboCop is a daunting one .

Ambiguous-gender Lurk or Whisper with spirit mask

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion — xgrabmyy: Nohmygawd, a Street Ninja. eclectic avant garde fashion style ideas for your halloween costume kids

Composite ceremonial armor a la Romana, Italy, late 1500s or early 1600s with decoration from 1800s - Higgins Armory Museum

Composite ceremonial armor a la Romana, Italy, late or early with decoration from - Higgins Armory Museum

Missing Light. DEMOBAZA, futuristic style. I wish I could pull this of *sigh*

What is urban clothing? It is a style of clothing related to urban culture. Urban clothing usually comes in slim and thin sizes. However, this does mean that there is no plus size urban clothing for the plus size. A few years ago, plus size people had.