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Some people aren't loyal to you...they are loyal to their need of you...once their needs change.., so does their loyalty

Some people aren't loyal to you.they are loyal to their need of you.once their needs change., so does their loyalty

Relationship Rules #1304

It doesn't matter who hurt you or broke you down. What matters is who picked you up and made you smile again.

Finding a good partner..

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Finding a good partner is about being able to feel SAFE.safe to communicate openly, trust their commitment, believe in their loyalty, be your most vulnerable, authentic self!


7 Life Lessons to Improve Your Everyday. Number 6 is my top problem. I need to learn that all I'm doing is hurting myself emotionally.

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Having grace toward others for the times they've inadvertently hurt you does not guarantee they will show the same grace to you.

Being a good person, doesn't guarantee that others Will be good people to.

Waiting is dumb

Why are we always waiting for something? Waiting for exams to be over, waiting for summer, waiting for Friday. And when what you're waiting for finally comes, we don't even appreciate it. Instead we just wait for something else. Just enjoy life as it is

Baik belum tentu Benar

Baik belum tentu Benar

:-:- - Pratik Kumar J - Google+

:-:- - Pratik Kumar J - Google+

I am one of the strongest...

The most inspirational quotes about strength with pictures. Hope you can find your strength through these quotes, check this out now!


A strong person is not the one who doesn't cry.A strong person is the one who cries & sheds tears for a moment,then gets up & fights again.