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The Informationist: A #Thriller Vanessa “Michael” Munroe deals in information Born to missionary parents in lawless central Africa, Munroe took up with an infamous gunrunner and his mercenary crew when she was just fourteen. As his protégé, she earned the respect of the jungle's most dangerous men, cultivating her own reputation for years.

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland - Bibliophilic wyverns, enchanted woods, an evil Marquess, a magical talisman, dwarven customs agents, djinns, velocipedes--and that doesn't even take into account what's in the title of The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making. A fantastical tale that's somewhere between Lewis Carroll and Terry Pratchett, Cathrynne Valente's book follows twelve-year-old September, a girl from Omaha, Nebraska, who finds herself whisked away by…

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24 Books to Read If You Love 'Gone Girl'

Looking for your next thriller? Check out The Widow by Fiona Barton.

‘I Am Not Esther’, by Fleur Beale. A classic bestseller that’s been in print for over 20 years, this gripping Young Adults thriller follows a teenage girl caught in a religious cult. Although this is a young adults book, I really enjoyed it, as did my 12 year old niece, Mikayla, who devoured this book … The Africa Diaries: An Illustrated Memoir of Life in the Bush (9780792279624): Dereck Joubert, Beverly Joubert: Books

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Around the Mother Land: 5 Memoirs of Women in Africa

Like Alexander Fuller who writes about her childhood in Zambia, other European women have been similarly affected by their time on the African continent. For tales of women in Africa, check out these memoirs.