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Богацкий, Николай Тимофеевич — Портрет светлейшего князя Александра Михайловича Горчакова, Эрмитаж

Maria Anna of Neuberg, Queen of Spain as consort of Carlos II. 1667-1740. Pretty but difficult, she was chosen as queen because the king had no issue, and her parents had had 17 children. Drove everyone bats (at a guess, she suffered from some sort of congenital mental instability) and ironically, had no issue. Lots of inbreeding in her family--related to Anne of Cleves in 2 lines, and to Hesse in at least 2.

Louis-Antoine de Bourbon, Duc d'Angouleme, 1785, by Joseph Boze. The Duc d"Angouleme became Louis XIX for about 10 minutes in 1830. Married his 1st cousin, Marie Therese, Madame Royale, daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.