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i am only 11 years old and beatles are my favorit band! most kids my age have NO idea who the beatles are. thats why i have no freinds. ANYWAY enjoy this awsome picture i made of the beatles

Reasons to love The Beatles.,

Let it Be by The Beatles. Whenever I hear this song I think of my Aunt who is in heaven. She loved The Beatles and this was her favorite song.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin FAQ: All That's Left to Know About the Greatest Hard Rock Band of All Time by George Case.

"The Beatles" was an American animated telly series featuring representations of the popular English band. Airing 1965-1969 on ABC in the US it had 39 episodes in all. Only 1965 - 1967 was first run, later broadcasts were reruns. It debuted on Sept 25, 1965 and ended Sept 7, 1969. Episodes were named after a Beatles song, the stories based on its lyrics, the song played during the episode. It's a historical milestone as the 1st weekly series featuring animated versions of real, living…

Nobody seems to remember the cartoon Beatles, featuring effeminate/stoned-eyed Paul and low-grade moron Ringo.

Album Cover Illustration – The Beatles/Help

The twelfth (and final) in my series of illustrated album covers.

Beatles Cincinnati Commemorative Program (1964).

Beatles Cincinnati Commemorative Program (1964).

The Beatles

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February 9, 1964 - behind the scenes as The Beatles taped their performance for the third Ed Sullivan Show, to be broadcast February 23rd

I was 5 & The Beatles performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, Feb 1964 by Bill Eppridge. a love affair that would last forever ❤️

Beatles Souvenirs

The portrait shots of the Beatles used for these pins were taken by legendary Beatles photographer Astrid Kirchherr. All pins are inches in diameter.