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TLC Ship Weeks/ Mini Ship Weeks | Day 4: Costume Cinder as Luke Skywalker (with robotic hand), Cress as a Mermaid holding a “shell” (get it? Shell :p) to her ear, Scarlet as a Wolf/Red Riding hood,...

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By Juliet C.

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@marissa_meyer The french cover of Levana !!! Beautiful isn't it ?! And it will be released in April. (April 2nd )

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Beautiful CRESS in France! Okay let's just say that France is so lucky, I mean look at this Cover!!!♡♡♡

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Me with The lunar chronicles

the lunar chronicles did this to me.....WHY???

By Natalia. "This insignia is connotation to both space/infinity/power (therefore dark, vast galaxy); and peace and freedom (blue sky), but it covers much lesser space comparing to that of cosmos. Overall circular design was inspired by fictional world of Gallifrey, coming from Doctor Who universe. Latin phrase means simply “to the stars”"

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Jem movie update: Juliette Lewis and Molly Ringwald join cast

Jem<3 The cartoon and dolls were awesome but I hate that your big a$$ feet didnt fit my barbie shoes:P