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It has been years since I saw my sweet Caroline and funny enough, I don't think I.

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Image detail for -cool little family portrait pose idea on red bridge

Japan in wintertime..

A red train and bridge add color to an otherwise white snowy landscape, Akita Prefecture, Japan, photograph by Akemi Kagaya.

Kids in a wagon future family pictures - I know the perfect place to do this too!

The Girls - Rachel, Rhema and Anna Kids in a wagon future family pictures - I know the perfect bridge to do this at!since I have four kids.have E kinda leaning against the handle.add a soft focus.yep love it!

A crescent moon through the Golden Gate

Moon stuck

The Golden Gate Bridge south tower framed the morning crescent shaped moon perfectly as viewed from the Marin headlands of Sausalito. San Francisco CA Frederic Larson

Scariest But Coolest Bridges In The World                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Scariest But Coolest Bridges In The World

Complementary: This example of complementary color is of a red bridge in Japan. The red bridge against the green background of trees gives this picture more contrast making it more exciting and sharp.

Covered bridge. Once I was chatting with my sister and drove past my exit in Nashville, on the way to Memphis.  By the time I discovered we had continued north west, we were deep into Kentucky. Being the daughter of a Naval officer, I navigated back to I 40 without returning to Nashville.  We went through at least 6 one lane bridges like this!

A crisp Autumn breeze. Oh, can I go there and take a slow walk across the bridge and down the road to enjoy the beautiful leaves falling, letting all the worries and stress fall by the wayside.

Diamonds and triangles. So cool! - Footbridge at Roche-sur-Yon | France (from HDA & Bernard Tschumi | via aros)

Railway Footbridge at Roche-sur-Yon / Bernard Tschumi + HDA

Built by Bernard Tschumi,HDA in La Roche-sur-Yon, France with date Images by Christian Richters. The extension of the TGV train to La Roche-sur-Yon, France, and nearby towns bordering the Atlantic marks not only an.

Absolutely beautiful photo of a massive American flag as it flies over NJ bridge for Labor Day - In Honor of Sept.11th....

Record-Breaking Giant Flag Unfurled On The George Washington Bridge

The largest free-flying American flag in the world flies over the George Washington Bridge on Sept. 2 in Fort Lee, N. The flag was flown on Labor Day to honor working men and women across the country. The flag is 90 feet long by 60 feet wide.

Beautiful Winter Barn Photos - Winter Snow Pictures - Country Living

10 Beautiful Snow-Covered Barn Photos

10 Beautiful Snow-Covered Barn Photos Yes.