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(Disclaimer!! Not my own work!! Please visit Deviantart for the original artist.) Gustav Klimt inspired Loki and Frigga? What's not to love? Might want to find the original folks to read up on the symbolism.

Tom Hiddleston "Loki" "Thor" Fan Art From

My take on "Disney Prince Loki" know, before he becomes a total kick-ass Baddie. Why is he so much fun to draw? Drawn in PSE over the course of tw... Prince Loki

I've finally gotten back to doing artwork!  One day I swear I'll do a happy Thor and Loki drawing   But for now, here's one for the feels. Drawn in pencil, colored in Photoshop

Can't help, grounded. Unless you're planning to defy Father, AGAIN? Remember what happened last time? You got banished, I tried to kill you :p

Thor and Loki. Children Thor and Loki. Thor: "I am not your brother, I never was." Avengers: "we were raised together we played together we fought together, do remember none of that." "I remember a shadow. Living in the shade of your greatness."