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Hampi, India, was home to one of the largest Empires of the World: Vijaynagara Empire. The Hindu temples have resisted the Islamic Invasion although many were destroyed by the invasion. In the year 1325 Muhammad-bin-Tughluq led several attacks towards south India, particularly Hampi. The Vijaynagara Hindu Empire was created to protect India from the Invasions. After numerous Islamic attacks, over 200,000 Hindus were killed. Today what we see in Hampi are the remaining parts of this…

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Semolina and Almond Halwa. Definitely best served fresh and in large amounts. I tried molding it into little cookie sizes and letting it cool and it just wasn't the same.

Portrait of a young girl in traditional dress during the Mewar Spring Festival, at Gangaur Ghat next to Lake Pichola


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Child in the disguise of Lord Krishna , at a colorful rally of the Hindu devotees which passed through different areas of Dhaka city. By Steve Mccurry