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Smoking can kill you Escif is Valencia's most famous street artist . His graffiti themes are recognisable for their artistic.

NSA- Government collection of our data and why it does or doesn't matter

Why Should We Even Care If the Government Is Collecting Our Data?

Kafka, not Orwell, can help us understand the problems of digitized mass surveillance, argues legal scholar Daniel J.

muro65 by HYURO. haha well that's cool. There are so many things you could do with simple objects

Here is another great piece in the street from Spanish artist, Hyuro, in the town of Valencia. We are assuming this piece is another comment on the proposed school budget cuts in Spain.

"Espana" by Escif

"Espana" by Escif

Back to the creations of the Spanish street artist Escif, based in Valencia. With a very simple graphical approach, but deceptively childlike, Escif offers us a


German designer Timm Schneider went out of his way to plant and photograph these eyes on everyday, mundane street objects, and the resulting series titled “They Live” is irresistibly appealing. Via Jeannie jeannie