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Judith Barnett, The Future of the Fourth , This picture was taken of my granddaughter by my daughter at the annual 4th of July parade in Brewster, MA. my granddaughter (and her sister) are the future, full of patriotism, enthusiasm, and joy. I believe her smile and spirit epitomizes the best of the American Moment.

Bella Kirchner, Summer Vacation. Ingram, TX. , This was a candid shot of my niece and son playing with stickers at some cabins we were staying at in Ingram, Texas this summer. To me, this photo epitomizes the American Moment of a summer vacation: wet hair from swimming, a bathing suit as the day's outfit, towels drying in the background, being silly with your cousin.

Lou Havlicek, Mom_2016_06–29, Though there is profound beauty in death—just as in birth—this does not make the road leading towards it any less hard. I took this image of my mother as she enters her final days. Our family is so grateful to my sister who has both the burden and privilege of caring for her. There is no tougher job.

David A. Kosar, Innocence Among Solemnity, The innocence of a child's smile and laughter captured among solemnity is a quintessential American moment. (Arlington National Cemetery, Memorial Day, 2015).

Angela Napili, After Obergefell v. Hodges, I snapped this just after marriage equality became the law of the land, as courtroom attendees began streaming from the U.S. Supreme Court building. Some were wiping away tears of joy, some looked amazed, and many were just plain jubilant. This couple was among them.

Christopher Barclay, BLM Rally, Despair, intensity and hope co-mingle on the faces in this photograph. Taken at a "Black Lives Matter" rally in Washington, DC in December 2015, the sullen look of Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, (foreground) contrasts with the intense stare of the woman in the center, and the hopeful gaze of the man in baseball cap.

Evy, Love, Couples celebrate their love in a wedding ceremony in Baltimore after Maryland supports for marriage equality, a law that swept across the country.

Michael Jourdan, Megaphone Preacher, Frederick Douglass once wrote, "To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker." Each day at protests big and small, Americans serve as speakers and hearers. This preacher, standing just across from the White House, exercises his free speech rights in one of our most cherished public spaces. To make doubly sure that he is heard, he carries two megaphones.

Alan Friedlob, Deming Boys Talk Trash, 53 years, they take time out. Putting down their everyday saws to remember the departed.Now we care for each other and talk trash at our log show. We won’t know any old growth; one log to a truck trailer days long gone. Whether we like it or not, don't we all hug em'? We won't never cut 'em, but we'll work hard, play hard, and do right. That's what sustainability means to us.