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just because it reminds me of them. i really think that Annabeth and Percy would do this and plus, it's in TAIWAN

Ahjhjhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHIP! SHIP!SHIP!

An amazing good fan art story. This is so cool. I thought the rabbit was supposed to be Luna's patronus at first. If you don't ship Jelsa already, this will make you ship it.

I know this isn't an anime. But I ship it way too much. JELSA for life

Jack and Elsa. I don't want them to be a couple. I mean Jack Frost is immortal and Elsa will die, but he won't. Also Jack Frost is owned by Dreamworks. I just think this particular cartoon is sweet.

Hiccelsaday4 by Starwarrior4ever.dev iantart.com on @DeviantArt ... In no way do I ship Hiccup and Elsa I'm so Mericcup but this.... is such a great comic!!!! If only it were Mericcup!!!!!

yeah Hiccup would be a pretty bad ice skater. but no way would he like Elsa

Jarida Week: Day 5, Timeless by Starwarrior4ever on DeviantArt

Jarida Week: Day Timeless by on DeviantArt _____ I don't ship it but this is heart breaking >.

depressed love of jack and elsa by jackandelsa1

I saw this before and died on the inside,.but THIS just ripped my heart out