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This skating set of stationery is ready to be mailed this winter or given as a holiday gift to the ice skater or figure skating admirer on your rink. These make ideal holiday/winter cards.

My first official week post for @findingnanashop. Using products from @findingnana may kit which was sold out from her shop. I love to use the post it for special events thats happening during the week because they are so huge. And the ink pen is amazing!! I used that pen for almost everything (work,pen-paling,journaling, diary) because the ink flow so smoothly!!#findingnanashop #fauxdori #filofax #planner #plannerlove #stationery #scrapbooking #crafter #organizer #stickers #happymail#penpal

cards on clothes line | i like this idea in a store. 1) number the rows with decals 2) have numbered drawers below for people to take a wrapped one. 3) Also solves my pet peeve of people unwrapping greeting cards!

old roller skates I used in the 60's; on a string around our necks we wore a special key used to tighten the skates

Muji Gel ink 12 pack - if you've got to work it might as well look pretty!

corner of a table at renegade brooklyn! i had so much fun!♡ i wish i got more photos of the general event, it was right by the water and there was lots of delicious food. i didnt even really get photos of my own booth, stole this from someone on twitter.


Doctor it Up Highlighter Set

Doctor it Up Highlighter Set | Mod Retro Vintage Desk Accessories |

from Etsy

Correctional nurse gift pack, nurse gift, Correctional keychain, nurse symbol, nurse student, fashion accessory, designer gift under 10

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

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Christma Sparkle Crystal Pen Set. Party. Gifts. Ballpoint pen. Black ink. Stationery

A personal favourite from my Etsy shop

from Etsy

Nurse gift set, keychain, stationery, bookmark customize your wording RN, LPN, Surgical, ER, etc. Student nurse. Handmade unique gift

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop