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Bonjour l'autonomie, adieu les colères

I fucking hate anxiety. It's like having two people living in your head. One is logical and the other is paranoid and psycho

"A Nightling can disguise itself as in a human form. This disguise, however, will break under an extreme emotion known as anger or rage."~GuideBook to the World of Forbiddens

Types of Anxiety. PTSD. PD. GAD. SD. OCD. ...(Had another attack today-took an hour and a trip to the pharmacy to calm me down 8-31-12. The real truth is that it came on me so suddenly. I never even saw the warning signs... :( Nothing mattered but my slc.

10 ways to change your thinking: Stop negative thought patterns- fabulous thought challenging

The Incredible 5 point scale - Anxiety Model The Incredible 5 point scale was developed by Kari Dunn Buron. Good to apply to children in the classroom. Know when to address the problem, and how to correct the behavior. Good for any teacher to know.

You don't know what it's like in my head.

Remember, those that try to destroy your happiness, do so out of jealousy, they are unhappy with their own miserable lives.

Insights driving resilience. Resilient people understand their emotions and what's driving them. They still feel the same emotions as everyone else, they just react in a way that works for them. Put simply, they choose their thoughts rater than their thoughts choose them. #resiliencematters

That's why my daughter already randomly yells at me!! fantastic!!