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"You have to be odd, to be number one." I'm just a person who is chronically depressed and addicted to games. Keep on living friends, you can beat your worst struggles, I am. This blog is primarily a distraction for myself from myself.

Stay strong @Diane Munden Dying @RachelDerek Koogler JANOSKIANS @Kara Morehouse Loves finny @Kara Morehouse Eastman @Diane Munden Dying @cloey And Broken @Wendy Warner can I die?? (zoey) @Ruth Estrada Can't Go On Much Longer @Fellow Fellow Dorsch

Don't give up. Nothing can ever get better if you just give up. Life is a gift. If you think it never will get better; you're wrong. God loves you so hold on. Good will happen. We are all going threw stuff. You're l not alone

I love you guys!!! If you ever need a friend I'm here for ya! You are worth more then you think! xxx