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This shows how big a Clydesdale is in comparison to a pony or miniature horse.

You know your horse is sweet when it lets a little boy ride him! Also the clydesdale looks so sweet with the mini

Beautiful Clydesdale!

Clydesdale, a big beautiful and gentle breed. They know that they are bigger then you and can hurt you and that's why they are such gentle giants horse photography

The Gentle Guardian #Clydesdale #Horse

Clydesdale horse and child. I absolutely adore Clydesdales. such gentle giants

Draft horse - Clydesdale Horse

of Clydesdale cross mare~ mate :Thunder ~Cery playful and bubbly

Clydesdale Horse

Sundance Kid, buckskin skewbald Gypsy, my first I thought of an Indian Pony.

Actual foal withnunusual stdriped coat out of twonregisyered Gypsy Vanners! Gorgeous! I want to see what he looks like full grown!

Zorse foal - Clydesdale/ Zebra hybrid: oh my goodness I love these things!

clydesdale horses - Yahoo Image Search Results

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jump for joy ~ Miniature horse, Marshmallow. Doesn't he look like a stuffed animal?