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If You Live For People's Acceptance, You Will Die From Their Rejection Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

If You Live For People's Acceptance, You Will Die From Their Rejection

If you’re feeling pain, don’t take action that creates even more pain. Don’t try to cover darkness with darkness. Find the light. Act out of love. Do something that will enable you to move forward toward a more fulfilling reality. There is always something good you can do. There is always love to give. Fill your heart with it and act in everyone’s best interest, especially your own. - via: http://www.marcandangel.com/2013/07/07/5-unique-ways-to-forgive-and-let-go/

Our days are happier when we give people a bit of our heart rather than a piece of our mind kindness quote. (I need to remember this so hard. I had a really bad day yesterday and did a lot of mind giving)

You are bitter, I get it. But it's no competition. Life is for living not grieving. This is it. Just get on, move on, be you, forget it all, be happy... No point going back on the past, i mean, what can you do about what happened? NOTHING. So cheer up, get your own shit together, stop worrying about others and live your life! Not check up on mine and scrum for a fight of which is pointless to what you want to be.

If you are bitter, they got the best of you. Don't let them win. Just move on.

T Harv Eker

Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots. Rumi You have to be both, firm like the roots of a tree but flexible like its branches.

he never wanted me and i finally realized i couldnt care less what he thinks or if he wants me.

If he wants you to be in his life, he'll put you there. You shouldn't have to fight for a spot. So sad actually but so true - I need to remember this. not only with guys but with everyone

Don't fall in love with potential...

Law Of Attraction Love

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Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting - definitely something I need to work on

Very true!

Parents need to be instilling this in their children; instead of making them comfortable with little white lies to others~ The vulnerability that honesty requires isn't something that everybody can handle. Lying allows people to be comfortable.

And now they are no longer a part of my life, and I am so much better off. For that-I am truly thankful.

I am thankful for all those difficult people in my life. They have shown me exactly who I do not want to be. Yep,still have some too

ah but of course,

Barbara Corcoran's Top 12 Tips For Small-Business Owners

Don't give up. Normally it is the last key on the ring which opens the door. ~ Paulo Coelho, quotes about life (for a minute i thought it said don't give up on normal) I loose my keys a lot!

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.

The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply. So true!


My father used to say, ‘Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument’ –Archbishop Desmond Tutu