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5 days of exercises to target key muscle groups and snap you out of your fitness "routine"! Get them all from

Just repinning...I used to HATE these but they work! With your back against a wall, hold a medicine ball, or a kettle bell, with both hands in front of your chest and lower into a squat (a). Keeping your hips steady, twist to the left and reach the ball toward the wall (b). Return to centre. That's one rep. Repeat on the other side. Move back and forth at a slow, controlled pace for 20 total reps. Quick tip: Make it harder by fully extending your arms instead of bending your elbows..

Is your body just not doing enough? The reason for this is simple. Your metabolic rate has an important role to play in how swiftly weight is shed. Now, before you start thinking of ways to ramp up your metabolism, let's dissect the value of such an...

Beyond Kegels: 6 Moves For Better Sex

How to Stretch Your Lower Back and Hips. Best for people with crazy sciatic nerve pain....

An 8-Week Plan to Make You a Runner

From Walker to Runner: 8-Week Plan... I hate running, let's see if this will work?

WEIGHTED GENIE PRESS Works: Quads Aleisha says: This really works the front of your quads as you lean back. • Grab a light plate and get in that “genie” stance with your feet and knees together (A). • Lean back with the weight, resist coming up, and then repeat (B).