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female characters to avoid writing

I’ve only seen Twilight, but I think I agree with the Bella Swan thing. Movie Hermione is definitely different from Book Hermione. I kinda fell in love with Book Hermione.

The Internet Has Decided On Its Favorite “Cursed Child” Couple

Guys, Can We Talk About Albus Potter And Scorpius Malfoy For A Second?

The Internet Has Decided On Its Favorite “Cursed Child” Couple.

100 Day Drawing Challenge by StickyPaladin

DeviantArt: More Like Day 10 of 20 Disney Princess Challenge by TheWitchAtsu

- Blue. Kez is grey because she is safe in the knowledge that he could never actually hurt her

blue is nico, grey is ike

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" so we are the Gang represses their childhood traumas?

Wow, you guys are real downers. I can't believe I made out with both of you.

[ when the boys explain why she cannot always rip the heads off of their enemies every time to solve all their problems ]

pinterest: @riddhisinghal6 / instagram: lusshhlife

pinterest: @riddhisinghal6 / instagram: lusshhlife

"What do you mean every night?" Was he talking about getting married? The longer it took for him to answer the tighter my chest became. (KLK)

Well not every night, because that's military life, but when you're back after deployment, that'll be wonderful, I miss you already and you haven't left yet

I'm adjusting to it since not a lot of anime I'm watching require such skills. But I know, one day I'll be a pro soon.

Yep but also a otaku thing<<<im like sure otakus are a type of fangirl/fanboy

You have just got to admit it.

should ship boards be a thing or should i just throw this in here for Killing

Try This 30-Day Challenge to Improve Your Spanish!

Try This 30-Day Challenge to Improve Your Spanish!

Improving your Spanish always seems like a daunting task, except if you break it down into a challenge. Thirty days of practicing the language means that you

Yup plus he's just Dylan like.... just luv him ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yeah, basically I you don't have a crush on Dylan.you DO have a crush on DYLAN.

Game of Thrones humor

Just Girly Game Of Thrones Things.

This is a cool wallpaper!!

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