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Samurai - I like this picture because it portrays the samurai with no only his katana, but his yumi as well, the original weapon of the samurai. Usually pictures only have them with katanas.

This could be passed off as a rockin' album cover Seriously though, I love everything about the SR-71. So many amazing innovations and quirks about it that put it way ahead of its time. I remember reading somewhere that the plane would leak fuel everywhere when on the ground because the tanks were designed to expand in flight. So as a result the SR-71 would takeoff with a very light fuel load and then meet up with a tanker to fuel up for its mission.

just–history: & Pilots in Full Pressure Suits at Lockheed Martin, Late Photo by Eric Schulzinger ”


♂ world Martial Arts Mongolian Archer woman in the snow Get traditional…



Réplica de uma armadura de Uesugi Kenshin

These samurai dudes must have been terrifying when they came at you in full battle armour.

The Sea Women of South Korea - " For me, the photos of the haenyeoreflect and overlap with the images I have of my mother and grandmother,” Kim says. “They are shown exactly as they are, tired and breathless. But, at the same time, they embody incredible mental and physical stamina, as the work itself is so dangerous; every day they cross the fine line between life and death. I wanted to capture this extreme duality of the women: their utmost strength combined with human fragility.”

The Sea Women of South Korea

The Sea Women of South Korea: For hundreds of years, women in the South Korean island province of Jeju have made their living harvesting seafood by hand from the ocean floor.

Source: tibets

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