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Stunning remix of a brand new ballad now selling on iTunes, Beatport and most music sites

Check out AudioSapian on ReverbNation - Thanks for becoming a fan - really like your sound, AWESOME production and love your logos - great vocals too - love "Distant Meadows"

Asthadi Setyawan caught the pair as a beautiful sunrise was in progress in Malang, East Java, Indonesia.

9 Incredible Photos of our Universe

Cotton Candy Nebula - complete with sparkly star clusters embedded in fluffy pink clouds of gas. We just think its REALLY pretty.

This image shows the latest results as colored dots superimposed on an artist’s conception of the Milky Way. Red dots show stars that formed when the Milky Way was young and small, while blue shows stars that formed more recently, when the Milky Way was big and mature. The color scale shows how many billion years have passed since those stars formed. Image via G. Stinson (MPIA)

Cygnus Loop Nebula

Cygnus Loop Nebula | NASA Remnants of a supernova which occurred between 5 and 8,000 years ago. Astronomers say this explosion was so massive it would have easily been visible with the naked eye in the night sky.

Finder chart for KIC 8462852. It's located in the direction to the constellation Cygnus, which is part of the famous Summer Triangle asterism, visible at this time of year.

Rare Astrology: All Planets Are Moving Direct From December 25th to January 6th | Spirit Science