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Custom Home Portrait, Pen & Ink or Watercolor by Suzanne Churchill, Perfect Realtor Closing Gift, House Warming Gift or House Leaving Gift

Pen and Marker: Straight line hatching is used to show which areas are in the shade. This is especially obvious in the bottom half of the picture.

Add fun and flair to every photo shoot with DropPlace printed photo backdrops. Every drop is made with durable, smooth, wrinkle-free, matte vinyl. Vinyl is a popular material because it is dependable

How to draw the eiffel tower in 5 easy steps, Step by Step, Famous Places, Landmarks & Places, FREE Online Drawing Tutorials, Added by gourmetclothespeg, November pm

Line sketch of a landscape exploiting purposeful and directional lines. Various weights have been used to communicate the scene, its textures and perspective. Minimal contour lines have also been utilised specifically with the flora surrounding the scape.

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