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Coup De Main Magazine | Paramore's HAYLEY WILLIAMS on the cover of 'Nylon' magazine, April 2013.

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By Tamara Abraham for MailOnline

Clueless- I don't usually like a lot of the silly teen type movies, but I did enjoy this one.

Debbie Harry from Blondie. She was one of my childhood idols and the reason why I wanted to be blonde. I adore her.

List of lead singers in photo, starting from top left corner: Vic Fuentes from Pierce The Veil, Oliver Skies from Bring Me The Horizon, Hayley Williams from Paramore, Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy, Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance, I don't know, Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low, I don't know, and Brendon Urie from Panic! At The Disco. :D

“Your graciousness is what carries you. It isn’t how old you are, how young you are, how beautiful you are, or how short your skirt is. What it is, is what comes out of your heart. If you are gracious, you have won the game.” -Stevie Nicks

"Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the very thing that will set you free."

{Hayley Williams} "Hey! I'm Hayley, the music teacher! I sing in a band called Paramore with my best friend Taylor, who just happens to teach Biology. Hope to see you in class!"

Ross Gellar and Rachel Green Friends Despite all their ups and downs, significant others, apartment shifts, and hairdos, Ross (David Schwimmer) has been in love with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) since Day one. Some, more romantically inclined than I, would say that it was important for them to have been friends before they were lovers. I just say they were stalling the inevitable. (Although, if they shacked up early, she never would've tolerated Ross' monkey.) —Marc Bernardin

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Especial #DiaMundialDoRock: The Who

The Who | Especial #DiaMundialDoRock: The Who « SkagTrend

Oliver Sykes, thank you for living... wherever you are... i love you and you give me a reason to live through your life and music... and your gorgeous... just saying ~~lily tarantino