Where avocado trees were too tall and allowed little sun for passion fruit, we planted iris, which thrived in the area on rain water and the edge water from the microsprinkler system. It is a great use of the land, uses edgewater which is not by the avos, creates a variety to sell for the small farm environs, is low impact, they can be driven over if need be and will survive and do not interfere with harvesting of fruit. White Dove Passion Fruit and Guava Farm / WhiteDovesFarmFresh.com

Passion Fruit vines are the lighted green on the right. They were grown on old (40 plus years) lemon trees which were "shaved" down to a narrow trellis shape and planted at the base with vines. Avocado trees are to the left - same water requirements, etc. Normal farming would have baby avocados while this technique had avocados, lemons and passion fruit. White Dove Passion Fruit and Guava Farm, WhiteDovesFarmFresh.com

Trellised lemon trees upon which were planted fruit vines. Trees to the right are one-year avocado. The avocados were interplanted between the old lemons in anticipation of their removal due to lack of production / exhaustion by over chemistry, age, disease (gumosis) and forced production, over watering etc of the old technology of orchard creation and maintenance. Things are much different today even from just fifteen years ago White Dove Passion Fruit Guava Farm…

Smaller Avocado trees interplanted in the old Eureka Lemon trees. For a number of years we harvested both lemons and avocados where in prior times only lemons were harvested - same water but more fruit per water resource. To push the theory of more per resource used, we trimmed back the lemon to trellis shape, and planted passion fruit vines on each, The vines eventually coved the lemons, which died by lack of sunlight. White Dove Passion Fruit Farm / WhiteDovesFarmFresh.com

Growing Passion Fruit and propagating them is quite easy. Here we have just cuttings, stripped of bottom leaves to make stems, and inserted into sterile potting soil (more toward the desert mix variety). Kept in shade, deeply watered once and then covered with a tight fitting (one gallon) sandwich bag, they will root in about 30 days with no maintenance. White Dove Passion Fruit Farm / WhiteDovesFarmFresh.com

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