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my child will have this...

I want this one day when I have kids!-Baby Onesie Muggle Harry Potter by CraftsByKarina on Etsy on we heart it / visual bookmark

Funny haiku onesie

onesie nerd haiku Dyer Thought of you guys! I LOVE this!

I Just Spent 9 Months In The Fortress Of Solitude (Light blue Onesie) [now i need to have another boy]

I Just Spent 9 Months In The Fortress Of Solitude (Light blue Onesie)

Daddy's Driking BUddy Funny Baby Onesie Gift - Clothing For Babies That Make Perfect Gifts It's gonna need to say Mommy's drinking buddy :)

Mean Girls Onesie. Yes yes yes.    @Amy Loftus, @Liz Loftus, and @Tezél Stimpson- this will happen!

Mean Girls Onesie- my children will be wearing this. "On Wednesdays we wear pink.

this is why I won't watch a movie made from a book I love...the characters, voices, faces of the book are in my head and never whats on the screen.

Always Harry Potter Doe Onesie Snape Baby on Etsy, Baby boy girl kid

This will totally be a rule if/when I have kids =D

Dennis I you with your future children! "You refuse to read ? I refuse to feed you.

These fools put my cape on backwards!

I know the scriptures say do not use the term 'fool' but this is funny especially for MY grandsons! Maybe, these simple people put my cape on backward. not quite the same but still funny:)

Harry Potter baby clothes

Harry Potter onesie I'm a keeper (Quidditch inspired). My baby WILL be a Harry potter fanatic like their mama

My cape is on backwards

Baby Bib, Unique baby bib with cute decal: These Fools Put My Cape On Backwards This adorable bib is available in many different colors.